Exemplary Building Features

The DDT Sky Tower will have a total leasable office space of 115,000 sqm, believed to be the biggest in the industry. The DDT Sky Tower is not only one of the tallest workplaces in the Philippines, but it is also one of the greenest to date. This majestic building is designed with provisions for fresh air and natural ventilation that provide a cool breeze and soothing relaxation for its occupants any time of the day. The tower has other features that make it environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient which makes office owners save more in terms of electricity consumption.

The office units at the DDT Sky Tower are designed to be modular and can be easily modified with other office space to form a bigger office space, depending on the needs of the owners. Interestingly, the tower is accredited by PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) and is now in the process of aiming to be LEED-certified.

Building Specifications/Deliverables

In addition to various building facilities, DDT Sky Tower offers a high ceiling on every corner of the building. The ground floor lobby (double volume) has a floor to ceiling height of 8.5 meters; each office space at 2.7 meters; and hallways at 2.4 meters. The tower is equipped with a VRF System (Variable Refrigeration Flow) as an HVAC method of cooling the building aside from the natural draft. This design avoids overloading of the system.

The tower’s building facade is made up mostly of glass walls. The type of glass used is the Unitized Curtainwall-IGU (insulated glass unit) while the elevators have a destination control on the ground floor lobby.

Green Features

How does DDT Sky Tower maintains being green? It is interesting to note that this office tower is designed to give its occupants the privilege of working inside concrete-walled but alleviates the feeling of relaxation. The roof deck is applied with reflective coating to reduce heat islands; the tower has an efficient HVAC systems with low wattage lights, simulated to assure ideal performance any time; it has low-flow and low-flush toilet fixtures; has a separate water metering system for indoor plumbing and irrigation; and an on-site water segregation facility and policy for waste reduction and proper disposal. The DDT Sky Tower also has a fitness studio to keep employees (and even unit owners) fit and healthy.


It seems that being green and relaxing is not enough when working 8 hours a day. The DDT Sky Tower is provided with more convenient amenities and facilities to keep workers non-stressful while they do their jobs. The tower has a total of 27 high-speed elevators (26 elevator units for passengers and 1 as service elevator) so it won’t stall human traffic even during peak hours. This brand new office tower along EDSA also has huge retail areas and shops on the ground floor that will provide round-the-clock service and support for employees.

The DDT Sky Tower Quezon City will have 3 divided zones, enumerated below for your easy and quick reference:

  • High Zone Office: The High Zone shall be located from the 43rd to the 57th floor, which will have about 12 to 14 units per floor. Office units will be ranging in size from 70 to 349sqm.
  • Mid Zone Office: The Mid Zone will also have 12 to 14 units per floor and shall be located from the 28th to the 41st floor. Each office unit will have a size range from 93 to 464sqm.
  • Low Zone Office: The Low Zone will be comprised from the 16th to the 27th floor of the DDT Sky Tower. Each floor will have 14 office units with sizes ranging from 93 to 411sqm.
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